Glenn Ligon

Glenn Ligon is a New York-based conceptual artist. He was born in 1960. His work explores language, race, sexuality, desire as well as identity. He is best known for his works on literature, visual art, history, as well as his own personal life. He combines this formal art education and complex personal history to create emotionally charged works that convey challenging messages.


Early Life and Career


Ligon was born in South Bronx. His parents got divorced when he was only 7 years of age. He and his brother attended the Walden School a private school in Manhattan. In 1982 Ligon graduated from the much acclaimed Wesleyan University. After completing his graduation, Ligon worked as proofreader for a legal agency. In his spare time, he engaged in works of art. He participated in a number of programs of art and culture.




Ligon works included painting, sculptures, prints, mixed media, drawing as well as neon signs. He is known for incorporating texts in painting. His texts are included in paintings in the form of jokes, fragments, quotes from authors. In 1989, he participated in a solo show and later on he became famous for his works of art. Ligon became a popular name among the artist fraternity of that time.


Glenn Ligon has been a popular artist and his sculptures, drawings, prints, mixed media, neon signs speak a volume about his art work. He has used texts in his paintings. He participated in a number of solo and group exhibitions. Ligon gained importance during the 1990’s. He became popular then along with a number of other artists of that time.



Ligon participated in a number of Neon works including Warm Broad Glow (2005). Since then he has participated in a number of Neon Works. Glenn Ligon has received many appreciations from the art fraternity recognizing his contributions to art.


Whether constructed from neon lights, coal dust, glitter, paint, or photographs, Ligon’s work fluctuates between humor and startling honesty, reminding viewers that intolerance remains ubiquitous.

Marciano Art Foundation happy to host Glenn Ligon’s works

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