The Marciano Art Foundation building is located in a small and wealthy, historic urban neighborhood in Central Los Angeles, California, called Windsor Square.

The building was completed in 1961 and was originally a Scottish Rite Masonic Temple designed by Millard Sheets who was a painter and later an architectural designer. In the building there was a 2,000-seat auditorium where they hold performances for the degree since the upper degrees of Masonry were given in the form of elaborate plays with sumptuous costumes, wigs, and set design. Then there are four lodge rooms upstairs, where the various blue lodges meet to give the lower degrees.

There was also a huge dining room on the top floor that seats 1,500 people.

Albert Stewart designed the double-headed eagle, which was the symbol for the Scottish Rite and it used it in four spots on the temple. 

In 1992, it housed the National Guard during the L.A. riots, then had to be abandoned in 1994, too expensive for the Masons to keep.


MAF - The Building
MAF – The Building


The building was sold in 2013 to the Marciano Art Foundation and was fully renovated by contemporary architect Kulapat Yantrasast which transformed it to a contemporary art space.

The building is grand with more than 110,000 square feet of space, over 4 floors. It gives the viewer a visceral experience and that feeling continues while walking into the lobby. The inside is impressing and making the viewer to really feel the whole experience. By giving each work its space it allows the viewer to really become immersed in the exhibition and immersed in the building.

In order to preserve Millard Sheets’ original architectural design by the Foundation, the unique and special structure of the building gives the viewers the opportunity to enjoy exhibitions in both traditional and unconventional exhibition spaces.

Another spectacular experience for the viewer is a 5,000-square-foot sculpture garden by the entrance that feature works from special artists.

In the building, besides the changing exhibitions in the gallery spaces, and the sculpture garden outside you will be able to find a bookstore, a café, an art storage and a big parking space.